Bora-Foam is the first termite-resistant expanded polystyrene insulation designed for basement and crawl space encapsulation.

  • Resistant to termite damage
  • Blocks moisture
  • Provides R-11 insulation
  • Safe for handling and non-corrosive -- no itch like fiberglass, won't cut your hands like foil products 
  • May be used as rim/band joist insulation
  • Sheet size 4' x 8' x 2.5"
  • Meets requirements of IBC Section 2603.8 and IRC Section 320.5


The Acu-Rite wireless thermo-hygrometer has a base unit and a wireless remote unit that measures temperature and relative humidity. Place the remote unit in the crawl space and monitor temperature and humidity conveniently from inside the home with the included base unit


The Zoeller High Water Alarm warns you when the sensor contacts water. 

  • Operates on 3 AAA batteries 
  • Low battery alarm designed into circuit board 
  • Loud intermittent horn rated at 103 +/- 3 db at 1 ft. 
  • On/off silence switch 
  • Stainless steel sensor contacts 
  • Easy to install, portable & safe 
  • Compact design (3 1/4" x 2 1/4") 
  • No adjustments needed 
  • Solid state electronic components 
  • 5' of lead wire 
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty 
  • AC power adapter capability, requires Class 2 transformer, input:120 VAC/60 Hz, output: 4.5 VDC/150 mA, tip positive, type B plug (available at most electronic stores) 
  • Flexible sensor wire allows this alert to be used in many applications 
  • Alerts you of overflowing sump pump failure, toilets, dishwashers, broken pipes, air conditioning pans, bath tubs, laundry sinks, hot tubs and washing machines. 
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